7 Signs Your Gut May Be Asking for More Attention

“Trust your gut” is an old piece of advice. This saying usually means to trust your instincts and gut feelings, but it can also be used to talk about your physical health. Your gut, also called your GI tract, is responsible for how food goes into and out of your body. It’s a big part of what helps your body keep going no matter its challenges.

We think that health is wealth at CuriousMob.com. So, we want to tell you these telltale signs of a sick gut so that you can act quickly to get better.

7. Hair loss is more noticeable than before.

7 Signs Your Gut May Be Asking for More Attention

Even though it’s normal for our hair to fall out every day, it can be scary if too much hair falls out or bald spots start to show up. Stress is often linked to hair loss, but medical experts have found that our gut may also cause our hair to thin and fall out, not just stress. This is because our guts make vitamin B7, also called biotin, which keeps hair from falling out and keeps skin from getting sick.

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