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  1. Whosoever that’s reading this i pray that your talent will not waste and God will crown 👑 all your efforts 🙏your destiny helper will not rest till he or she do you a favor by God’s Grace 🙏.much love to everyone 🥰

  2. It's cause of dastards like this that people won't give to the needy. Imagine, my dude hasn't even paid his rent yet he's helping a homie with the little he's got left.

    0:20 Ayo, that's sadness and sorrow from Naruto.

  3. Honestly this is pure definition of what's really happening, Some people sacrifice the little the have to send to someone and yet the receiver ends up not appreciating and seeing it as too low, if someone can't appreciate the little you do for him or her, believe me, he or she will never appreciate you for the big you will do, trying to collect from your nigga when you know you have much than him, that's attempted murder 😈😈😈😈, Nice one Tyse

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