As Roma ● Road to Victory UECL 2022 | The Great Journey of Jose Mourinho – Download here


As they prepare to face Feyenoord in the UEFA Europa Conference League final, we look back on Roma’s season so far.


  1. Porto doesn't win a European trophy for 20 years
    Mourinho Wins 2 in 2 years

    Chelsea don't win a PL for 50 years
    Mourinho wins 2 in 2 years

    Inter Milan don't win a champions league for 45 years
    Mourinho wins it in 2 years

    Real madrid don't win the Copa del Rey for 20 years
    Mourinho wins it on his 1st season

    Man united never win the Europa league
    Mourinho wins it in 1 year

    Roma never win a European trophy
    Mourinho wins it in 1 year

    Jose truly is a miracle worker

  2. Hope by now, people will start to wake up specially those who keeps on bragging about Pep Guardiola.
    Jose won everywhere he goes regardless of the level and availability of players the club could offer.
    Pep only won in Barcelona…. He was handed with BIG chances of a Rich & WIN READYMADE Clubs of Bayern and the current ManCity but hasn't won any to date in EU Championship competitions. That tells the big difference between him and Jose.

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