7 Under-the-Radar Signs of Disrespect That Could Mean Bad News for Your Relationship

Mutual respect is essential in any healthy relationship; thus, a lack of it opens the door to risk. Disrespectful acts like lying or infidelity in a monogamous relationship are easy to spot. Disrespect in a relationship can take many forms.

Knowing how to spot signs that your partner may not respect you is crucial if you don’t want to get to where you can’t go back. Read on to find out seven less apparent signs that this might be the case.

7. Avoiding or shutting down during serious conversations


According to Darcy Sterling, Ph.D., a licensed clinical social worker and relationship therapist, an inability or unwillingness to have sensitive talks may indicate a partner’s lack of regard for you and your point of view.

Dr. Awosan, on the other hand, believes that if someone tells you that they can’t talk right now, asks you to establish a new time, and then follows through, it isn’t rude behavior. Choosing a separate time to speak with you shows your partner that you are valued.

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