Pep Guardiola's 6 Failures at UCL That Shocked The World! ft. Real, Tottenham, Chelsea, Liverpool – Download here

0:11 Man City 4-6 Real Madrid (agg) | UCL 2021/22
2:53 Tottenham 4-4 Man City (agg) | UCL 2018/19
5:15 Man City 1-3 Lyon (agg) | UCL 2019/20
6:11 Man City 0-1 Chelsea | UCL 2020/21
6:35 Man City 6-6 AS Monaco (agg) | UCL 2016/17
9:23 Liverpool 5-1 Man City (agg) | UCL 2017/18


  1. And then someone says that Ederson is in the top 3 goalkeepers in the world? His footwork doesn't make up for his terrible lane play. In the Champions League, he is holed up every year. He conceded 5 goals against Liverpool, 4 against Tottenham and 3 against Lyon.

  2. 3 clear mistakes in RM defense open the gate of speculation for City but the game is never over until its done. One of the best matches in Champions league history.

  3. Hardwork ..
    Both teams & the Coaches did their level best !!
    Luck is something unpredictable if you are just sitting on the sofa Eating popcorn you better say Nothing ..
    That day the wind according to Meteorology was Blowing North/Easterly..

    Enjoy 😊

  4. Ánimo Pep Guardiola, la próxima CHAMPIONS LEAGUE será tuya porque te lo mereces venís intentando mucho con Manchester City y lograste sacar a un club del ostracismo y volverlo competitivo y estar siempre en las instancias finales.

  5. City is superior in domestic competition yet they still lack the mentality needed to really kill the game during knock-off stage. Pep's overthinking is their main enemy. His approach make the player become stiff during the match.

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