What Can Happen to Your Body If You Fast for 3 Days

According to some scientists, you should consume three meals and three snacks every day, while others advise you to eat none. Before you start freaking out, please understand that this is not a starvation mission. Fasting is one of the oldest traditions known to man, dating back thousands of years. Fasting, for example, has been used therapeutically since at least the fifth century BCE, when the Greek physician Hippocrates suggested it for patients exhibiting sure signs of ailments.

Diet commercials commonly encourage consumers to abstain from eating and drinking anything but water for a specified period. And CuriousMob.com wanted to know what happens to the body after a three-day fast.

6. Your cells may self-renew faster.

What Can Happen to Your Body If You Fast for 3 Days

An adult’s skin covers around 2 square meters and accounts for roughly 20% of their body weight. Skin cell regeneration is triggered by water fasting. The procedure begins after 18-20 hours of fasting and ends after 48-72 hours. Besides that, cell renewal may defend against diseases like Alzheimer’s and heart disease.

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