Nollywood Movie: Pounds and Shillings (2022) (Parts 3 & 4) Full Movie Download 720p HD & .Mkv .Mp4 .Avi

Pounds and Shillings (2022) Part 3

Pounds and Shillings (2022) Part 3

Mercy Johnson is at it again. As the saying goes; Fortune smiles upon those who are brave. She is a poor girl who happens to come across a bag of money, but things started turning worse in her life after that. Watch Mercy Johnson in This Interesting and hilarious movie.

STARRING: Mercy Johnson, Stephen Odimgbe, Frank Tana, Chinese Isaac, Ngozi Evuka, Shire Nwachukwu.

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PRODUCED BY: Nollymovies Entertainment Limited.

DIRECTED BY: Okonkwo Chikelue.

COMPANY: Nollymovies Entertainment Ltd.

YEAR: 2022.

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