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  1. Since Baze10 is not broke, so really all the needs to do is record proof of his treatment and housing condition and hire a lawyer to sue Mark and the hotel. He can practically aim for something like 10 times what he paid for his stay there considering all the blatant nonsense that would be very easy to record pictures and videos of. No matter what country you are in, it will almost never change that outcome when you have the money to sue properly and the abuse is so unexcusable and provable. That one takes care of the Nigerian factor 😂

  2. 😅🤣 Mark and his team are too stupid honestly they are just too damn crazy they keep you in stitches the receptionist tells him that it's by force.. oh wow he can't check out of his rooms0rry 0..lmao…cbi town holla

  3. Why is Baze10 keeping quiet at the end? It was one thing when he gave all those second chances to Mark as housekeeper after Mark destroyed so much for him, but now that Mark has shown after everything that he has no soul, is he going to keep quiet to let Mark get away again with everything he purposefully did in the hotel? He should be yelling about the atrocities right there and then, with a lot of emphases and without leaving anything out. And yes, even the yelling is necessary to express his justified emotions of pain and suffering to the hotel owner. Exposing Mark is the ONLY right thing to do.

  4. Please remove success from this series…she is really irritating and makes the whole video useless…if a kid is too much then it destroys.. everything.. please remove success…

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