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  1. Wait let's be factual here
    So I mean that's how they will be killing or harming people because the debtor knows someone?

    Wait gann because from what I know,guarantors are usually introduced to the creditor before money is disbursed to the debtor…that's the normal transaction status so whish one is who u great or say is ur guarantor becomes the guarantor….even self, there will be documents signed to serve as legal binding proof should in case of something like this to be used in court after all who no go like collect him money back? people con dey talk say Dem no great again for here shuuuu…

    Chai if not guards being there ,such a person should and will be charged to court for posing a threat and causing mayhem…

    So which one Con be dis one?
    If na mama nko or an old man nko or even if na big person like a law enforcer naso Dem go wan hack ham
    Okay now good luck with soldiers or political head with that one

  2. It's a joke but not practical…if everyone who greets is judged as guarantor we will all be dead…I thought he even signed something..what he did could happen to 99% of people…or what if he greeted a rich man or a military..u go cut him hand…funny how people are also saying they'll stop greeting anyhow.i guess u will stop walking in the streets or buying anything as well because anyone can call you as his guarantor..lmaooo

  3. I feel so emotional when they threw him out of the car and noticed they took one of his hand… A very big lesson 🤦‍♀️😥… Som men are d problem we are having on earth. (Killing, harassing and so on)🥺. Person no dey live him or her life in peace again!! Nawa ooo

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