Secretary of Defense Sends Memo To Enforce Full Military Vaccination Under DoD Authority

Gateway Pundit previously reported that the Air Force last week announced that anyone who had not taken the COVID vaccine they no longer need a permanent change.

The White House Office of Management and Budget tells government agencies in the background that they deserve it avoid suspending or firing government officials who did not comply with Biden vaccination law until the holidays were over, according to the memo. available by ABC News.

Today the Secretary of Defense threw another reminder to all the Secretaries of the Military Departments. The memo advises the secretaries to start a complete immunization of all members of the Armed Forces. This includes all members under the Department of Occupational Safety and Security or the Ready Reserve plus the National Guard.

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One Air Force Guard soldier and pilot Lt. The Colonel approached The Gateway Pundit and appealed for help to end the illegal activity.

Here is the part of his email:

I am currently a member of the Air National Guard, Lt Col, a pilot, over 19 years old. I love my country very much, I am a God-fearing family of red blood, and I am a faithful member of the congregation. I am currently at war with my job and my life against the COVID vaccine campaign and I am looking for a religious shelter that I hope will be rejected. At the same time, I have every confidence that the current DOD vaccine is illegal as the FDA has approved it. COMIRNATY is not available in the US at all. Pfizer / BioNTech is the only EUA licensed and available EUA can’t controlled without the removal of the president, which he does not have or cannot be justified, according to my reading. In an official letter of 23 Aug FDA, “it is a legal exception.” Our JAG also stated that they are two different licenses, but the DoDs only take them for granted. I don’t think one has to be a legal expert to know that they are not the same.

Are you and your team following this ?:

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A fellow pilot brought this to Sen Johnson. Either way, time is running out for all of us… please help and see if you can. It would be very useful not only for me, but also for my ~ 650K military brothers who are at risk of losing everything because of an illegal, immoral, and illegal law.

These soldiers need our help.

** Contact the Department of Defense Pano.

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