Zamanyazi. Jason Chaffetz With RINOs Nancy Mace and John Katko on Sunday Morning Futures and REFUSED to Ask Them About Their Opposition Votes

This was a weakness.
Former US Ambassador and FOX News presenter Jason Chaffetz joined Maria Bartiromo today at Sunday Morning Futures.

On Sunday Representatives Nancy Mace and John Katko, two of the most controversial Republicans serving in the US House of Representatives today, joined her on the program.

But Jason Chaffetz declined to ask RINO about their controversial vote in favor of Trump and American working voters.

Representatives Nancy Mace and Jason Chaffetz on Sunday Morning Futures

Jason Chaffetz and Rep. John Katko on Sunday Morning Futures this morning.

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Chaffetz was with Nancy Mace but refused to ask about her recently vote to protest Former President Trump spokesman Steve Bannon. Nancy Mace with him criticized President Trump as a result of the Jan. 6 and in the tumult he had nothing to do with it. This is the first time in Congress that he has falsely claimed to be Trump Republican during his campaign.

Nancy Mace also supports a large transgender bill meaning to prevent discord and the full powers of the Human Rights Commission.

Rep. John Katko (R-NY) voted to oust Trump and recently led a 12-member Republican party by delivering a fake Joe Biden construction bill, something that could have failed without GOP votes.

MTG is not a favorite turncoat Katko.

None of this came out today during the Chaffetz interview with Mace and Katko.
What a disgrace!

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