Fake News Media Reports 5X Increase in World Health Athletes Worldwide Who Fell Crazy Touching Their Chest is “Accidental” and No “Dangerous”

The establishment of the media has been doing all it can to cover the recent events of healthy, world-class athletes who suddenly fall down in the middle of a game or system with heart problems, but due to the large number of players and public appearances that are often broadcast live. they are still difficult to install.

Just look at how TalkSport radio quickly cut the video and voice when former football player Trevor Sinclair inquired about a vaccine against a player who recently fell on the pitch.

Over the past few months, many athletes – especially footballers – have fainted while competing, because in a sense they all have heart problems even though they are young and in good health.

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This has recently happened to a major German newspaper – Berlin newspaper – publication section which aroused the curiosity of many about the plague by asking why experienced and inexperienced football players have fallen like flies. Their report contained a list containing every known player who could be affected.

All in all, they got 24 in the last few months. Here is the whole list:

Remember – this list is made up of European football players – there have been other players in various sports around the world who have faced similar challenges.

Shortly after the story was published, two other football players had a heart attack in the game – John Fleck of Sheffield United and Adama Traore of Sherrif Tiraspol both collapsed last week.

VIDEO: Adam Traore is the latest European Soccer Star to hit the pitch in a European game

Is this trial vaccine wrong? There has to be something in the water, right? Not according to the media or their experts who were forced to respond after the German team paid close attention to the athletes.

On Monday, The Daily Mail published ‘search’ of the fallen runners in the game and determined that “It’s dangerous but it’s an accident,” in addition there is no reason for people to “panic.”

According to the “senior cardiologist” who was interviewed about the report, there is not even an increase in these cases occurring at all because there is “There is no evidence.”

Yes, really…

In other words, don’t trust your lyin ‘eyes, sheep – there’s nothing to see here. Science has spoken, and the expert says it is just a coincidence.

From the Daily Mail:

Increases in cardiac arrest and falls in the number of athletes in recent weeks can be catastrophic, rather than indicating that players are struggling to cope with the game, according to a cardiologist.

Professor Guido Pieles, who heads the Sports Cardiology Clinic at the Institute of Sport, Exercise, and Health, said. there was no evidence that heart problems were common in football players on a regular basis and they believe that any group of events is ‘by accident’.

By now I would say that this could have happened by accident,‘Professor Pieles said Sportsmail.

I do not think we can say that this increase is sudden, I don’t think it’s becoming more and more common especially in football. “

The whole report fails to mention a single vaccine – do not omit that which may have adverse consequences, although EXPERIENCES experienced by these athletes are known to occur as a result of jab, such as myocarditis, pericarditis, and other complications. In fact, the author goes so far as to dismiss the notion that cardiac events are the cause of a sudden collapse, stating that experts “still have to prove” the cause of certain sports and that “athletes with heart problems are not new. problem. ”

While it has not been confirmed individually for these players, it is possible that everyone – if not more, most of them – will be vaccinated against the Covid-19 trial, especially since FIFA and other sports players have ordered it. for players to get a jab.

In the past year since the vaccine was introduced and subsequently prescribed, an increase in ad incidence has been a cumulative phenomenon. According to a reports and Drs. Yaffa Shir-Raz, there has been a riot “Five-fold increase in the sudden death of FIFA players in 2021.” It never happened.

But according to “leading experts” journalists, it is not worth paying attention to, because it all happened by accident – the case is closed.

What a joke. The propaganda machine is starting to cry.

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