Arizona Democratic State Attorney General has called on Gubernatorial Kari Lake Representative to be a “pervert” in preparation for the installation of Security Cameras in Sexual Offenses After Classes.

AZ Gubernatorial Candidate Kari Lake

Arizona Gubernatorial Candidate Kari Lake has redesigned phones to install cameras in classrooms to answer teachers for their actions and education.

Kari Lake told The Gateway Pundit more about the law.

Sea: If our police are wearing body cameras and are being held accountable for everything, then our state-run schools run by teacher unions should be held accountable for the education that pushes our children.

It would not allow parents to watch live classes, but if there is a problem of any kind and the parent lodges a complaint, the school will keep the video for six months and the parent will be able to see what happened in the classroom — much like the police video camera work. This means that “creeps” will not have the opportunity to watch classical movies. Children are now being filmed on buses, on the porches, and in restaurants, but no one is responding to the instruction they receive in classrooms. School sections are forcing awake education on our children. That is true. This is just a comment on the course.

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The teachers’ union forced the closure of our schools and the education of our children through online classrooms. It was at this point that many parents awakened to the fact that their children were indeed being taught. Zoom classes – driven by unity – put our teachers on camera for the first time. Why can’t the cameras be on fire?

The only time that there would be a chance to get any movies would be, God forbid, at the time of the shooting. In extreme cases, only the police and the police were able to see what was going on in the classroom.

We as parents and taxpayers pay for these schools, pay for teachers and administrators – and OUR schools and have the right to know what is being taught in those schools.

If teacher organizations insisted that our police wear body cameras and could understand the importance of accountability in education.

As The Gateway Pundit previously reported on sexual harassment of students with special needs.

Nicholas Clause, Scottsdale Unified School District assistant paraeducator at Chaparral High School was recently arrested by Scottsdale Police, after admitting he had been raped by a child with special needs.

PATIENTS: Scottsdale, AZ Teaching Assistance Arrested in Six Cases Including Child Rape for Special Student Needs

Democratic State Attorney Athena Salman accused Sea of ​​being a “pervert” on Twitter last night for trying to respond to a study.

Salman: Kari Lake is a pervert. This is a dream come true for children. It is a shame that Republicans are not allowed to allow our children to stay for five days. Annoying!

In fact, a room full of unsupervised children sounds like a sleeper’s dream come true.

Not only is Salman wrong, but it sounds ridiculous!

This new rule will not allow parents to watch what is going on in the classroom. Videos will be stored on the server so they can be accessed if parents complain. This will work similarly to police cameras.

Parents will be able to protect their children and get awake teachers to respond.

And who is this Athena Salman, earlier this year?

This is former Arizona State Senator Tony Navarrete, a humiliated sex offender who was arrested on August 5 and charged with three counts of toddler sex, two counts of toddler sex, and one count of attempted child sexual abuse. son.

The Gateway Pundit reported that Tony Navarette, 35, a “rising star” in the Arizona Democrat Party, was arrested on charges including “knowingly or oral sex with a minor.”

Democrat Senator in Arizona State Charges with sex offender under 14-year-old released on Bond.

Unlike Salman, Kari Lake has children who will fight to protect them.

Parents should be able to call for public education.

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