The Perfect Stocking Stuffer For Your Patriotic Friends and Family – “Joe, You Know I Have Succeeded” Mug!

“Joe, You Know I’ve Succeeded” This mug has been circulating on the internet – thousands are taking it as a Christmas gift to their friends and relatives.

It proudly proclaims a message that we all know to be true:

“Joe, you know I won.”

Words of truth plus a great way to start this morning, this cup is a GOOD gift for any coffee lover who loves his country!

At the moment, the Liberals are trying to get the cup removed because it is “really wrong.”

If you would like to receive a cup of coffee from the United Patriots before their special Black Friday campaign ends, click here (Gateway Pundit benefits directly from orders via this link and links to this page):

Here is more from the United Patriots:


A must have for any Republican or American lover, each cup is made from a sturdy coat that perfectly holds any hot or cold drink.
– dishwasher and microwave safe
– 11 oz volume
– The brightest light + the first white light
– Designed for years

Get your “Joe Joe, You Know I’re Coffee cups today!

Here is what some have said about these cups:
“I love these cups so much that I bought two of them! One at home and one at work. It’s a good size for lunch so you can get me some coffee.”

-Dеборах В.
“Ever since I saw this cup I was supposed to take it when my wife arrived and she just said it was hers. He loves it and now I have to get him one. “

– Kevin M.
“I bought it for myself and one of my brothers – no one who has ever seen it can refuse to answer or laugh!”

—Marcia M.

PLEASE NOW: There is currently a special Friday Promotion that is taking place. NOW is the time to find it!

If you give them a gift, we can assure you that the Trump administration in your life will be smiling from ear to ear when they see!

Calling TODAY.

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