NOTE: AZ State Senator Wendy Rogers: 186 Legislators From 39 States Invited 50 State Audit

Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers appeared and Brannon Howse and Bill Federer today to present updates on Arizona research.

Senator Rogers’ ‘Audit 50 States Letter’ is immediately receiving signatures from state legislators who approve elections in almost every region.

Rogers filed the amendment Monday, saying 186 lawmakers have now signed.

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The list is growing as more and more lawmakers are awakened by the big lies of the 2020 Presidential Election.

Senator Rogers summoned every American to sign him request announcing the 2020 fraudulent elections and for every American to submit their nominations [email protected]

Rogers: Whatever you are coming from, I am sure you know the state legislators and government representatives who approve the elections. He must, if he has not already written, sign my Audit Letter 50 States. We have about 200 signatories. Senators of State House or State House Reps, or in other countries, are called delegates to sign the letter. And the point of this letter is that we, the government officials in this country, have been empowered to oversee the US Presidential Election in accordance with our US laws. Our first father was very wise. And he knew that we government officials are very close to the people. Therefore, I need you to send me the names of government senators and government representatives you know who approve the elections, and who want to remember the elected officials in your area in the event of corruption. In other words, they want to dig deep, find out the truth about what happened in your area, and take the next step.

I would like you to send the names of state senators or government representatives, who you know can sign my letter to this email, [email protected]. And what you are saying is “Senator Rogers, I have two or three names here. I know the councilors and I know they approve of the elections and want to know what happened in our state. ” Because let me tell you people, even if your country went to Donald Trump, there was probably corruption. Especially in rural areas and this is the circle that the left is trying to extinguish, that your country is changing purple. It does not turn purple. They cook books, and they make you think they are weakening you. We must restore the truth in our system.

The Gateway Pundit reported that it had been two months since Brnovich had received credible evidence, including video evidence of people deleting election files.

Arizona Election Fraud: Two Months of Recognition in the 2020 Election Removes, Three Persons Remain Discontinued, Unknown and Unaccounted for by AG Mark Brnovich.

Mark Brnovich has done nothing to punish the crime of this century and Arizona is tired of waiting.

No matter where you live, sign Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers’ a call to confirm a fraudulent 2020 election, send the names of the most powerful government advisers to [email protected], and contact Arizona attorney general Mark Brnovich wants him to report the election fraud.

Contact AG Mark Brnovich

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