Why Almost Every Alone Group of Votes cast in Arizona in the 2020 Election Was It Human or Was It Changed?

The results of the 2020 elections in Arizona were confirmed last year. But every day more and more revelations are emerging about the chaos confirmed by the fraudulent Democrat Secretary of State in Arizona by a corrupt Republican ambassador.

We know that there are hundreds of thousands of voting problems included in the 2020 results in Maricopa County in Arizona.

HIGHLIGHTS: List – About 700,000 Maricopa County Votes Recognized by Audit News and Distinguished Research Work To date.

Election expert Jovan Pulitzer is still looking at more of 2020 and has found a major problem in Maricopa County.

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Pulitzer noted that in almost every group of votes cast (more than 10,000 groups) that each group was replaced by a person or a machine. That doesn’t make sense.

Here are some examples.

And another.

And another example.

And another example

Why were so many votes cast and why were there so many referendum votes? We do not have all the answers here but we do know that the results for Arizona in the 2020 Election need not be confirmed.

Only hypocrites or less experienced people can confirm the following.

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