Trans Trans professor in Virginia has resigned

A Trans professor in Virginia has resigned after researching his book attempting to disrupt the appeal of children and adults.

Last week a The Daily Caller added an Old Dominion professor who put together a research and dissertation that criticized adults for attracting young children.

A professor at the University of Virginia, whose book and research have tried to undermine the appeal of young children, has been laid to rest, the university said.

On Tuesday, Old Dominion University (ODU) appointed Dr. Allyn Walker on an immediate leave of absence from her role as an assistant professor of sociology and criminal justice in the “actions of Drs. Walker’s research is a book“which has raised concerns about their safety and that of the school,” ODU said in a statement.

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“In addition, controversy over Dr. Walker’s research has disrupted school and community settings and disrupted the work of the teaching and learning organization,” the document added.

Students say they complained about the research and the book by Dr. Walker:

The university announced its response last week:

Yesterday a The Daily Caller added that Dr. Walker has resigned.

A professor at the University of Virginia who stated that it was not immoral for adults to be attracted to children has resigned following criticism.

Old Dominion University (ODU) announced Wednesday Allyn Walker, 34, will be stepping down from his post as assistant professor of sociology and justice from May 2022. Until then, Walker will be on leave, according to the university.

“We are convinced that this is the best way forward,” ODU President Brian O. Hemphill said he said. “We hope that what has happened today will help close our Monarch family. As we move forward, I urge all members of the Monarch family to continue their efforts to promote healing and community issues.”

Walker said his education “seeks to prevent child rape” and that his research “was misrepresented by others on television and the Internet, among other things because of my reputation.”

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