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Many children are out on streets
And many suffering with no hope
We were just like them
But then you, you came in and change the story.
Thank you, if not for God
I ask myself where would i beeeeeh
Eeeeh kati esuubi tulina ( Now we have hope)
Okyusiza Olugero otuwadde omukwano ( you have changed the story and given us love)
Kyenva nyimba (Thats why i Sing )

Asante babaaah (thank you father)
We say
thank you father ×2

Mazima mukukaba ne munaku enyingi ( in crying and sorrow)
Otufudde baana ani atatulaba( you have made us children, who didn’t see us !!)
Nga tusula feena kumufariso gumu feena (sleeping together on one mattress)
Mukazingo emasaka tuvudewala (in a single rental room in masaka, we have come from far )
We’ve gat a reason to praise,
We’ve gat reason eeeehh

Asante baabaaaah(thank you father)
We say
thank you Father *2

Waliwo abali bagamba nti tetumareko (there was those one’s saying we won’t make it)
Obikyusiza Mukama Oliwa manyi (you have changed all of them Lord you great )
Laba emikwano Gyotuwadde (look at the friends you have given us )
Mukama nkwebaze ntya (How can I thank you lord) Australia, America, Asia aaahhh
Lord we praise and bless you huhuhuhuhu

Asante baabaaaah(thank you father)
We say
thank you father *2
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