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“GET OUT OF MY OWN GOODS!” TX Man Not Accused of Shooting Death of Old Girl Husband in Angry Child custody [VIDEO]

Kyle Rittenhouse’s case shed light on the Second Amendment and how it gives us the right to use firearms to protect ourselves from another person or persons who are threatening our lives.

100 Percent Feeding – In Lubbock, TX, similar incidents could go to court after a November 5 murder altercation between the ex-girlfriend of her ex-husband who shared her baby turned out to be the killer on the porch of the boyfriend’s house. .

Video footage from two different locations shows Kyle Carruth’s girlfriend, and Chad Read, Christina Read’s ex-husband, arguing over taking their son to Kyle’s house.

An altercation at the front porch of a Carruth home led to the assassination of Chad Read after an attempted gun fight.

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Daily Mail – Photographs, taken by Jennifer Read from a car parked on the street outside Kyle Carruth’s home in South Lubbock, show Chad Read arguing with his ex-wife and Carruth.

Kyle Carruth – wearing a black top and jeans – is heard telling Chad Read to ‘get out of my house. Chad Read, wearing a teal top and jeans, plays with his hands as Carruth turns to enter the house.

Chad Read turns around and continues talking to Christina Read, telling her he wants his son, who was supposed to be with her from 3:15 pm that day, according to Jennifer Read in an affidavit issued after the incident.

‘I have to be with him at 3.15,’ Chad Read is heard saying to Christina Read. ‘But are you playing games telling me I should take him at 6?’

The two continue to argue, and Chad Read says his son is probably at his mother’s house who was his ex-wife. Christina Read is heard telling him she wants to see him, and Chad Read says: ‘I don’t care if you want to see him or not.

‘I find him at 3:15. If you want to see him, you can see him until 3.15. You have kept me from my son; I will drag you, and Ann-Marie, and everyone else to court. ‘

Carruth is also shown walking out of the house carrying a gun, which he is holding next to him, shouting ‘get out’ of Chad Read.

Chad Read is heard shouting: ‘Use it, ma’am f *** er,’ and fight Carruth, threatening to confiscate his rifle.

Now face to face, Carruth shoots one shot under the feet of the two, which does not seem to deter Chad Read, who continues to push Carruth.

Suddenly, Carruth jumps back from the balcony, lifts his shotgun, and fired two shots at Chad Read, who falls to the ground.

Carruth returns to the balcony and turns to face the camera. He is still holding the gun, shaking his finger as Jennifer Read hears, ‘I have it on video Kyle.’

‘I told you all to leave,’ Carruth whispered, telling her that her baby was gone. ‘None of you should be here; I begged you to leave. I did everything. I did not want to do any of these things, ‘he says.


KCBD reports – Guinn states that Carruth has legal protection under Castle Doctrine, “to protect himself, others or his property,” and is waiting for the Attorney General’s Office to investigate and bring the case to the Lubbock Supreme Court. Guinn says the high court could challenge Carruth, but his hope is to “carefully review the law, he will not,” but that does not mean he cannot be arrested and prosecuted or subsequently tried.

“Everyone wants a solution, and it doesn’t. It affects him, “said Guinn. Kyle ‘s opinion. And this’ s not easy to remember for everyone, though, just because it is legally correct, does not mean there are no psychological and practical consequences. “

The second video, filmed inside the house, shows the same.


What do you think? Should Kyle Carruth be charged with murdering Chad Read? Do you think that what she did was right?

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