7 Subtle Signs Someone Is Stalking You

Despite what you may think, you don’t have to be a celebrity to have a stalker. A lot of people don’t realize that stalkers are often someone you know, like an ex-partner or colleague. If someone is interested in you, they could turn it into an unhealthy situation by controlling what you do or who you talk to. But if you can spot these types of people before it’s too late, you’ll be able to avoid them and concentrate on your life instead.

We looked into some of the initial warning signs to help you protect yourself and be aware.

7. Unwanted or inappropriate gifts

7 Subtle Signs Someone Is Stalking You

Lots of people may send you gifts after you tell them you’re not interested in them, like trying to make it hard for you to refuse their gifts at social functions. They’ll push your boundaries, not respect you and also go overboard sometimes, trying to “love break” you.

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