There Are Now 365 Studies Confirming The Effectiveness Of Ivermectin And HCQ In The Treatment Of COVID-19 – Is There Anyone Who Can Meet Fauci and Medical Practitioners in Their Fraud?

It’s there now 67 studies controlled by Ivermectin COVID-19 showing a 67% improvement in COVID patients.

There has been Studies of 298 Hydroxychloroquine showing a 64% improvement in COVID-19 patients.

Even in science, Drs. Fauci and medical authorities have banned the use of the drug in patients with coronavirus.

Dr. Robert Malone, co-founder of the mRNA vaccine, criticized Dr. Fauci and others lie and cause more than 500,000 Americans to be killed by blocking HCQ and Ivermectin, with additional support from COVID-19 patients.

Dr. Malone is correct. It is well documented that Drs. Fauci and top US doctors developed a conspiracy to ban and oppose hydroxychloroquine as a supplement to COVID-19.
Millions of people have died as a result.

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IT’S BETTER THAN WE THINK! Fauci and Top US Doctors Arrested! PLAN TO DESTROY Hydroxychloroquine as COVID Treatment – MILLIONS DIE IN RESEARCH

As TGP reports kale – I did not Fauci but all the top US medical officials who were on hydroxychloroquine lie.

Dr. Meryl Nass, MD, debunked the issue Defender. According to Drs. Nass, all health officials were on a plot against hydroxychloroquine.

Fauci runs NIAID, Collins is the director of the NIH (named Fauci’s boss) and Farrar is the director of the Wellcome Trust. Farrar also signed the Lancet letter. And she is chair of the R&D Blueprint Scientific Advisory Group of WHO, which placed him on the executive committee of the WHO organization. Solidarity testing, in which 1,000 unidentified individuals were intoxicated with hydroxychloroquine to stop their use of COVID.

Farrar had worked in Vietnam, where malaria was rampant, and it was there contact with SARS-1 Apo. He was also instrumental in establishing it UK Recovery Test, while 1,600 people were intoxicated with hydroxychloroquine.

Although Farrar did not know the exact dosage of chloroquine from his experience in Vietnam, he, Fauci and Collins would have learned about the overdose if Brazil had told the world how he had misdiagnosed patients with chloroquine testing. COVID DISEASES. Revelation was made in a story published in JAMA in mid-April 2020. 39 percent of Brazilian people who have been given high doses of chloroquine have died at the age of 50.

However the Solidarity and Recovery hydroxychloroquine test went ahead in June, stopping until it was fully exposed.

Fauci reviewed the revised COVID clinical guidelines published in NIAID, advising against both chloroquine and ivermectin drugs. Fauci’s NIAID too eliminated the first major trial of hydroxychloroquine treatment in early cases, after only 20 of the expected 2,000 people registered.

What does it all mean?

  1. There was a conspiracy between the five authors of the Nature paper and the leaders of the NIH, NIAID and the Wellcome Trust to hide the origin of the COVID lab.
  2. There was a conspiracy against Daszac, Fauci and others to push the theory of nature. (See some emails in recent decline.)
  3. There was a conspiracy against Daszac to write a letter to the Lancet and hide its origin, pushing the theory of nature and drawing any other ideas as the doctrine of the conspiracy. Collin’s blog post is another part of this story.
  4. Farrar took part in a large hydroxychloroquine trial, in which about 500 people died.
  5. Farrar, Fauci and Collins concealed research funding that would have helped to better evaluate the use of chloroquine and ivermectin and other recurring drugs that could reverse the epidemic.
  6. Are the four people mentioned here – Fauci, Daszak, Collins, and Farrar – taking part in initiating the epidemic, as well as the length and inadequacies used in the epidemic?

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Then when did Drs. Will Fauci meet his lies that have killed millions?

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