False News Goes On Trash Report That January 6 Organizers Had Fire Phones And Talked To The Trump Family That Day – But These Were The Organizers Of The Ellipse Rally Who Had Nothing To Do With The Capitol Hill Shows

More than a million Trump supporters gathered at the Ellipse in Washington DC on January 6 to support President Trump. These American patriots believed correctly the 2020 election was rigged by illegal government practices, Big Tech disruptions, illegal votes and dirty tricks.

These American patriots hope and pray that Vice President Pence will do the right thing and force the shaking countries to reconsider their results. Obviously, this did not happen. Mike Pence endorsed the election results when President Trump spoke the same day.

After November 3, when no one is doing anything to “Stop Stealing” in the presidential election, Women for America First (WFAF) led by Amy Kremer. entered and filled the place and other human rights activists. The RNC came out quickly and did everything.

In fact, the RNC shot the Jan. incident. 5th and 6th and held the fifth meeting at an interesting venue on Amelia Island the same day.

The group helped organize one of the largest rallies in Washington DC that attracted Trump’s millions of supporters on January 6. They are now being persecuted by the Biden and Liz Cheney governments.

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The previous “Stop the Steal” rally on January 6 had nothing to do with the protests and violence that took place at the US Capitol later that day.

This brings us to the latest topic of myths…

The false stories today is accompanied by a trash report organized by protest organizers on January 6 Amy Kremer and her daughter Kylie Kremer he had cell phones and used them in talking to members of the Trump family including Eric Trump and his wife Lara Trump.

False stories require you to believe that this is a game changer – that this connects the Trump family to riots at the US Capitol where four Trump supporters were killed including one woman who was shot in cold blood by the Capitol Police.

Obviously, the purpose of this burger-free report is to make you think the Trump family is planning a riot about a mile away on Capitol Hill.

This is how the mainstream media has become so bad.

Through Hill:

Organizers of the “Stop the Steal” conference who led the Capitol offensive on January 6 said they had contacted members of the family of former President Trump and officials, according to Rolling Stone magazine.

Several sources told Rolling Stone that Kylie Kremer, organizer of a conference held at Ellipse park in DC, had an agent buy three burning phones a few days before January 6th. Kremer said it was “very important” for the phones to be purchased for cash, another source, who was a member of Trump’s Marichi team, told the magazine.

Kremer kept one phone for himself, while the other was handed over to his mother, Amy Kremer, who was also preparing for the meeting. Sources could not say who a third party was given.

According to Rolling Stone, the phones were used to communicate with senior members within Trump, including his son Eric Trump, his son-in-law and former campaign leader Lara Trump, former White House chief Mark Meadows and former Trump. next Katrina Pierson.

Commenting on Kylie Kremer’s purchase of the phones, a member of the Trump administration said, “That’s when the Ellipse event is in full swing.

Arriving to comment on The Hill, representatives of Donald Trump, Eric Trump and Kim Kremer did not immediately respond to the Rolling Stone issue.

Lots of garbage from fake news.

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