Mike Lindell, Patriots Show, Boycott Fox News Vaccines About Cheating 2020: ‘Shame on Fox! Shame on Everyone We Trust There ‘

Mike Lindell and an angry patriot boycott and criticize Fox News for misleading people with electoral lies, “China virus” and vaccinations.

Fox News continues to present itself as “fair and orderly,” but in reality it has become like a furry wolf and a horrible follower on television, My Pillow Director told Gateway in an exclusive interview.

“The wolf is the biggest problem we have with the media in this country. We know where other media comes from. Fox declines to say anything about the alleged theft of the 2020 election – all wrong – and says nothing about China’s anti-retroviral drugs, “Lindell protested.” They will not talk about vaccines and voting machines. They are not on our side.

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“Fox is a 100 percent anti-agitator,” he insisted. “They’re no longer our friends.”

Demonstrators with placards with “Help to Save Our Country” began to gather in front of the News Corp. building. in the winter of 35 degrees at 8 a.m. Wednesday against the so-called “Fair and Balanced” network for evading and concealing the truth. the American people.

The Fox News Channel receives the highest quality cable news for its honesty, especially without distraction.

However, the network is “disrupting the elections,” constantly dismissing reports that the 2020 elections have been rigged and harshly hidden Covid-19 and the deadly “immunizations” of the mRNA test, Lindell continued.

“If they do not speak up, people will think everything is fine with the 2020 election. When they cover the 2020 elections, they are doing what I call ‘disruptive elections.’ “He decided to start hiding the crimes of the Hunter Biden laptop in November – too late,” he said. “He had to talk about electoral cases – with machines, with hacks, and surveys that took place in all 50 states – to this day they don’t talk about it!”

Attorneys General from 50 countries joined Lindell to appeal to the Supreme Court, demanding that the high court answer more evidence of electoral fraud months after collecting metal evidence Joe Biden and Democrats rigged and rigged elections in 2020. 4 Days Thanks-A-Thon at Frankspeech.com.

Surprisingly, Ameria’s top networks refuse to broadcast the news complaint and refuses to provide airtime to attorney general or Lindell.

“The Attorney General is appealing to the Supreme Court. You can read the complaint on FrankSpeech.com. He has not signed or posted it, but we have a copy of it – Fox does not say anything about it. That is the problem we have with Fox News,” Lindell explained. “I tell patriots, ‘Don’t test me, don’t keep quiet about me’ – and what they do. Fox could not have been the weather because he does not talk about the coming storm if he chooses not to do so. . ”

Anyone who continues to work for Fox, an internet that, without hesitation, is part of an anti-American media outlet, Lindell warned.

“Shame on Fox. Shame on you for not believing in them. Sean Hannity, Laura, Tucker, Judge Jeneane – all of them – think it is better to be there talking about things that don’t mean anything because they think being there is better than not being at all. People, we believe they have made a statement, which is why they can hide serious electoral errors. It is the largest concealment of the worst crimes in history.

Big Tech and many other TV shows, especially the Fox News Channel are aired on Deep State and Big Pharma and are doing everything they can to get Americans to learn the truth about the 2020 and Covid-19 elections and over-surveying and unprecedented. makeup techniques, Lindell warned.

“Fox, like CNN and MSNBC, refuses to tell the truth about the 2020 election or medical action that applies to Covid or the vaccine lies. Fox News is sponsored by Big Pharma like the others, so we can rely on anything they can tell us about the Chinese virus and vaccine. and a half and a half later, all of these antiretroviral drugs (ARVs) have been phased out. ”

But the invasion of Lindell and Trump supporters is turning and opening people’s eyes more than ever.

“I am attacked every day by the media,” said the billionaire philanthropist. “But I can understand why when they attack me they announce what I am doing. Last night, Jimmy Kimmell attacked me last night and said “Mike Lindell has 96 hours Thanks-A-Thon to talk about his” conspiracy theories “about the 2020 elections,” Lindell said. “But they still understand that we are doing it. But Fox says nothing. The bad TVs on the left just pop up and then shut up on modern news. And then you have Fox, which is really bad.

“All the evidence of electoral fraud coming out in the last nine months, ten months ago – Fox has never said anything about it! That’s why we’re protesting there today, which will be all day long. Comparing myself to a Republican – your terrible Doug Duceys and Brad Raesenbergers – why are they so disruptive? about this, they would have talked about the election. They would have been explaining all the things they were not saying.

In order to preserve the First Amendment, to save America and human rights as we know it, we must put an end to false stories and elevate some unprotected areas, Lindell concluded.

Fox is evil – what he has done to our country is evil. Frankspeech.com it will be the voice of the world, where we may speak. We have a lot of platforms there now, ”he said. Right now, if you have no words, you have nothing and that is what they are trying to do to us.

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