Hunter Used His Chinese Secretary And The Com Operative In Dealing With The Louisiana Gas Company which later collapsed.

As mentioned earlier, Hunter Biden had a relationship with a Chinese secretary who also worked with the Chinese government. His name was JiaQi Bao.

Miss Bao had sex with Hunter and also introduced him to Joe Biden of China.

Mu areport today at Breitbart Hunter’s relationship with Miss Bao resumed and along with other emails related to a partnership with Louisiana’s gas company and CEFC, the company Bao operated.

The Biden family should have benefited from an American gas-fired partnership deal with the Chinese company CEFC, through a pending agreement in 2017 with Hunter and Jim Biden, according to recently released documents – while Biden’s management now slows down production. power in the United States. .

Unspecified records, from Hunter’s well-known “hell laptop”, show that Biden scion was involved in a 2017 transfer of liquid gas from Louisiana to CEFC – the same Chinese company Hunter also discussed business. a job that could be “10 [percent] arrested by H for the adult ”- but no agreement was reached.

That would not deter the Chinese players from the alliance, however, pushing Hunter to help his father lift the presidency a few years later.

In an email from October 23, 2017, JiaQi Bao mediator, between Hunter Biden and his Chinese counterparts, sent a thank-you note to Hunter and his brother Joe Biden, Jim, in preparation for a meeting with Greg Michaels, President of the gas station in Louisiana, also known as Monkey Island LNG, is a detailed discussion of the subject.

“We have a 10:30 meeting tomorrow @ 3CC with Greg Michaels, President of the Monkey Island LNG Terminal project in Louisiana. Thank you for Jim and Hunter for bringing the owners to talk to us directly,” he wrote in an email to Hunter, Jim, and Gongwen Dong, a Chinese financier who participated in several Bidens-related transactions.

Partnership with a gas company apparently he fell but not without the efforts of the Bidens.

According to a Biden family follow-up report to FARA by Senator Chuck Grassley in November, 2020, the Bidens were used by Ye Jianming as “incentive” means to protect US business – but the CEFC oil deal ended in 2018.

“As part of Hunter Biden’s efforts to help Ye, he is said to have started working with Ye which involved $ 40 million in natural gas operations on Monkey Island in Louisiana which is said to have collapsed in 2018,” he said. Grassley’s report states.

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