‘Have fun!’ – CBS Tips Viewers To Have Fun In The Garage While Guests Test The Covid Active Examination Before Eating Dinner (VIDEO)

These people are psychotic.

A CBS agent Wednesday morning told viewers to have a garnish in the garage as they test the Covid test quickly before eating Thanksgiving dinner if they do not feel comfortable asking guests for their vaccination papers.

“It can be a struggle to get people to come to your door and say, ‘Hey, wait a minute, where is your card? What is your responsibility? ‘ before you enter my house, “said Nate Burleson, a CBS Mornings assistant.

CBS assistant Lisa Damour came in with her tips on how to make Covid testing in the garage more enjoyable while guests enjoy some refreshments.

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“This is difficult because people are everywhere on the map …” So, if it seems strange, it might make it fun. We’ll start with hors d’oeuvres in the garage, you know, we’ll have a drink, we’ll try fast and get in! You can make it fun and interesting. ”


TV talk headlines have some great ideas for this holiday season.

NBC’s Vicky Nguyen said people can save money by removing Turkey (a major Thanksgiving food item) and paying for guests.

“Maybe you do an Italian party instead, and I say this, if you tell everyone you have Thanksgiving without Turkey, some guests can leave the list and it’s a way to reduce costs,” he said.

Who really listens to these freaks?

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