Daughter of James Comey, Lost Jeffrey Epstein Lost Filmmaker Attacking Suicide First, Now on the Ghislaine Maxwell Anti-Law Enforcement (VIDEO)

You cannot edit these items. Crooked James Comey’s daughter, Maurene Comey, starred in the lost video of Jeffrey Epstein attempting suicide in prison, and is now a member of the group that opposes Epstein’s cousin Ghislaine Maxwell.

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James Comey’s daughter participated in a lost Jeffrey Epstein movie about suicide attempts in prison.

The Herald said:

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Federal prosecutors say a videotape that was filmed outside Jeffrey Epstein’s prison on the day he attempted suicide has been removed.

The Herald newspaper reported that prosecutors said this on Thursday.

Epstein, a humiliated financier who faces charges of sexual misconduct in the federal state, was found in his room at the Metropolitan Correctional Center, or MCC, in New York at about 1:27 am on July 23rd.

Critics have said the video is now over because MCC officials mistakenly stored photos from other state detention centers.

Another report on the same issue from Washington Post listed Maurene Comey as one of the critics who participated in the lost movie.

The Intelligencer reported that the video request for the event came from Epstein’s then-girlfriend, Nicholas Tartaglione.

Tartaglione’s lawyers asked for his representation, hoping it would prove he had “done well” and supported his September conviction for killing four men and burying them in his yard in New Jersey in 2016. On the night of July 23, Epstein was found semi. -knowledge and strokes on his neck in their shared room; finance later claimed to be a fellow prisoner “made him angry.” In July, a Tartaglione lawyer denied that his client had beaten Epstein, while authorities to compare that whether or not the same self-injury was an attempted suicide in order to transfer to a very forgiving, or a real attempt to kill his life.

Ms. Comey is now on trial for Ghislaine Maxwell. What can happen?

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