The Killing of Christmas in Waukesha: Five Dead Victims Known

At least 5 people have been killed and 40 others injured after Darrell Brooks broke down barricades in his SUV and drove through the Waukesha Christmas parade.

Darrell Brooks

Five of the dead were identified Monday: 81-year-old Wilhelm Hospel, 79-year-old Virginia Sorenson, 71-year-old LeAnna Owen, 52-year-old Tamara Durand, and 52-year-old Jane Kulich.

The Milwaukee Grandpa Dances, a group of grandmothers who meet weekly to practice dance throughout the year, said her members are among the dead.


Agogo Ovina; 2019

“Our team was doing what they loved, doing in front of a crowd at the show and smiling in the faces of all ages, filling them with joy and excitement,” it said. words. “As they played the grandparents were delighted to hear the crowd cheering and clapping which brought a smile on their faces and made them happy.”

“Those who died were very loving grandparents,” the group continued, adding that “our hearts are heavy with this very difficult time, as more and more changes will be made available.”

Joe Biden and several journalists are chasing the monster.

Reporters say Brooks ‘fled the scene of the terrorist attack’ before plowing more than 40 people with his SUV.

Joe Biden said “there is no truth and no information” and he maintained the verdict on Monday.

Here is a quote from Waiting for the Police.

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