CDC and Big Pharma Data Indicate That More Children Will Die With COVID Vaccine Than With The COVID Virus

The world is crazy. We knew when the ‘experts’ decided to vaccinate children that there were more people dying from the vaccine than COVID. We now have support for this based on CDC and Big Pharma data.

We know from the time the first data was released, that healthy children were unaffected by COVID-19. Older people over the age of 75 wrote another article. (See Photo of USA Today from October.)

But now the forces that want to provide the COVID vaccine to children. The problem with this is that more children will die from vaccination than those who will die with COVID earlier and there is evidence.

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Toby Rogers put this analysis together. She shares:

I was reading CDC “Health Economics Training Guidelines Submitted to Vaccination Advisory Committee (ACIP), 2019 Transformation”And I realized it was the FDA dangerous risk-benefit an analysis of the EUA’s Pfizer work for 5- to 11-year-olds violates many of the principles of the CDC’s Guidance document. The CDC’s “Guidance” document outlines 21 things that every financial health researcher should do and the FDA benefit review violated half of it…

… First a little foundation. The NNT Number to prevent a single case, hospitalization, ICU admission, or death, is a well-known way to measure the effectiveness of any medication. It is an important tool because it enables policymakers to monitor interactions between new drugs, other existing drugs, or do nothing. In vaccination studies the words are similar to the Vaccination Number (NNTV, sometimes also known as NNV) to prevent a single illness, hospitalization, hospitalization, or death (these are the four NNTVs that one can count on).

Pharma HATES talks about NNTV and hates talking about NNTV so much when it comes to the COVID-19 vaccine because NNTV is so expensive that the vaccine will not pass any of the potential benefits.

Rogers continues to share views on COVID NNTV from experts:

Various economists have read NNTV’s COVID-19 vaccine.

  • Ronald Brown, Canadian economist, to compare to NNTV to avoid one case88 to 142 people have been diagnosed with coronavirus.
  • Some have said a few NNTV to avoid one case at 256.
  • German and Dutch researchers, using large data (500k) from Israeli studies a few NNTV between 200 and 700 to protect one case of COVID-19 for mRNA shooting by Pfizer. They went further and found that “NNTV’s single death prevention is between 9,000 and 100,000 (95% reliability time), with 16,000 as a comparison point.”

Rogers then goes on to share a piece from Bobby Kennedy about Pfizer’s medical tests.

In Pfizer’s 6-month clinical trial in adults – there was one covid death in 22,000 in the vaccine group (“drug”) and 2 Covid death in 22,000 in the placebo group (see Table s4). Then NNTV = 22,000. What is happening is that there were 5 people who died of heart disease in the vaccine group and only one in the placebo group. As a result for every single life saved in Covid, the Pfizer vaccine kills 4 for heart disease. The leading cause of death in the 6-month study was 20 in the vaccine group and 14 in the placebo group. As a result 42% of all causes deaths among those who were vaccinated. The vaccine stopped working after 6 months so it reduced the study. He left the skin and vaccinated the placebo group. By then the rising line had already crossed the deep line.

Realizing that Pfizer had changed their NNTV reading rates for children to cover up vaccination injuries, Rogers shared the following:

All of the NNTV simulations above are based on adult data. For children the NNTV will be much higher (lower risk, making NNTV a single negative effect). Children between the ages of 5 and 11 are at very low risk of dying from coronavirus. Mu a meta-analysis combining data from 5 studies, Stanford researchers Cathrine Axfors and John Ioannidis found a 0.0027% maternal mortality rate (IFR) in children aged 0-19. For children between the ages of 5 and 11, IFR is very low. Based on human observations, COVID-19 is less dangerous or similar to the common cold in children.

Rogers describes the number of people who would need a vaccine to save the life of one child from COVID deaths:

  • As of October 30, 2021, CDC he said that 170 children between the ages of 5 and 11 have died from COVID-19-related infections since the outbreak began. (This represents less than 0.1% of all coronavirus-related deaths nationwide including children aged 8.7% of the US population).
  • Pfizer mRNA only goes “active” for about 6 months (it increases the risk in the first month, provides adequate protection in 2 to 4 months and then the energy starts to decrease, which is why all FDA types only use 6 months. – skin). Therefore each dose should be based on the effectiveness of the vaccine in relation to 57 children (170/3) who may have died of COVID-related disease within 6 months.
  • Best of all, the Pfizer mRNA shot can be 80% effective in preventing hospitalization and death. That number comes directly from FDA modeling (p. 32). I bend backwards to give Pfizer great suspicion because again, Pfizer’s clinical trial showed that there was NO decrease in hospitalizations or deaths in this age group. So inject them all 28,384,878 children between the ages of 5 to 11 with two doses of Pfizer (which is what Biden’s supervisors want to do) can save, in particular, 45 lives (a victory of 0.8 x 57 kills that would have occurred at that time = 45).
  • That’s all NNTV to prevent single killings in this generation and 630,775 (28,384,878 / 45). But it is a double standard so if someone wants to read NNTV by injection the number is doubled 1,261,550. It is the worst NNTV in the history of vaccination.

Rogers then continues to provide estimates of the number of children with adverse effects of COVID vaccination.

  • Kirsch, Rose, and Crawford (2021) compare that VAERS reduces homicide by a 41 factor that could lead to the worst outcomes in these years. 5,248. (Kirsch et al. 100.)

Rogers summarizes the following:

As a result, to sum up, the Biden management system kills 5,248 children through Pfizer mRNA shooting to save 45 children from dying from coronavirus.

For every child rescued by the gun, another 117 will be killed by the gun.

The Pfizer mRNA shot fails to accurately assess the risk benefit in children aged 5 to 11 years.

More… Dr. Michael Yeadon, a former Pfizer VP veteran, also said earlier this month that children are 50 times more likely to be killed by the COVID vaccine than by the same virus, “

Yeadon was Pfizer’s science director and president before leaving in 2011 after more than 16 years at the company.

Yeadon as well told Steve Bannon earlier this month, “It’s crazy to give (children) a vaccine that can kill 50 times as much as the same virus,”

There is no valid reason to give children a COVID shot. This is crazy.

Hat tip Tom Blumer

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