GoFundMe Closes Fund-Raiser For TX Vice President at ICVID with COVID – Family Loses Court Ivermectin

Wednesday, we He also mentioned Texas vice president and father of six, Jason Jones, who has been hospitalized with Covid and on a respirator. His wife, Erin, has been arguing with the hospital in court over her right to have a foreign doctor help her with Ivermectin. That foreign doctor is Dr. Mary Bowden, who we reported Thursday had stripped her of her chance to be admitted to a Houston hospital. His case? Spreading the “disinformation” of Ivermectin even though he treated hundreds of patients successfully with the drug. Surprisingly, the hospital did this after Dr. Bowden testified on behalf of Jones.

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On Thursday, a court ruling that would have given Dr. Bowden for Mr. Jones and Ivermectin, changed. The hospital, Texas Health Huguley, appealed the court’s decision because Drs. Bowden (mentioned above) did not have the opportunity to be admitted to the hospital. The hospital said the court had no jurisdiction to enforce its rules by ordering the acceptance of duties without a doctor following the proper procedure. The appellate court upheld and violated the lower court’s order. The decision is important because Ms. Jones has to start over, as well as find a doctor who has the opportunity to be approved by Texas Health Huguley, who is willing to give and treat with Ivermectin.

It should be noted that Ivermectin is a FDA-approved drug that has immunity that even Tylenol cannot compare. It is written to be undocumented to support Covid in India and other countries miraculously. Prescription over-the-counter medication is a method that doctors often use to treat the problem with over-the-counter medications. For example, doctors prescribe Aspirin to people who are at risk for heart disease, although they have not been prescribed for this reason. Doctors are prohibited from practicing medicine as instructed. Sharing their findings and experiences is seen as “spreading” lies.


Preventing “disinformation” is nothing but censorship.

Friends and family organized a prayer meeting next Monday to ensure that they support the couple, making sure the hospital is aware of their humanitarian and compassionate needs.

Also, the GoFundMe fundraiser page set up for the couple was closed Wednesday without notice or warning because the change mentioned Ivermectin. The closed action of immediately disbursing was taken arbitrarily and unconsciously which could have been effectively resolved in a number of other ways. GoFundMe has earned a reputation for being politically biased and anti-revolutionary.

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More from Emily Miller, who broke the news earlier:

GoFundMe removed the family’s online income source for Deputy Sheriff of Texas Jason Jones after his wife submitted a legal change to find Ivermectin.

GoFundMe says the content falls under the category of “prohibited systems”. The company did not issue a warning and removed the link from its page. Jones dies of COVID at Texas Huguley Hospital in Fort Worth. Since I announced their names publicly and contacted donors to support the Jones family, the GoFundMe account went from several thousand dollars to $ 36,000 for donations from around the country. New income for the Jones family is in Give Send Go here.

Erin, a mother of six, texted me today, “I do not know if I will ever receive a donation.”

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