“The Judge, The Jury, The Defendant. The White Supremacy in Action”

Marxist Cori Bush is a recent member of the anti-American Marxist movement serving in the US Congress.

Bush made a name for himself during the Ferguson riots when left-wing protesters robbed and set fire to Ferguson’s business district not once but twice in 2014.

On Friday after the judge found Kenosha a shotgun Kyle Rittenhouse HAS NO RECEIVER in all cases, Cori Bush wrote a disturbing tweet.

Judge. Judges. Defendant.
It is pure authority in action.


The system was not designed to hold whites accountable for their actions. That is why black and brown people are abused and placed in cages while white killers move freely.
I was injured. I’m angry. I am heartbroken.

You’re crazy.

Is it white-on-white violence, white supremacy?

Here is the best response to his terrifying tweet.

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