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Hehehe thank you Papa (Masaka Kids Africana)
Hehehe thank you Papa (Mama Nze Ani) (Mother, Who Am i)
We are here to thank you father, thank you Lord
We are here to thank you our fans, thank you Lord x 2
1) I was born in the ghetto hmm!!!
I was born in charge of struggle yeee
Life was not so easy at all, things weren’t so easy at all
Nga okufuna ekyokulya kutoba, nokufuna ekyokunywa kutoba (It was a
struggle to get something to eat and drink)
Mama nze ani, Taata nze aniii hiiihii kantendeee eeh (Mother, who am i?
Father who am I? hihi let me praise)

2) My disability, my inability was the laughter to some of the faces around.
Deep in the village, I was left alone seeking source alone.
But I was blessed in the middle of my enemies yeees
Nze samanya nga nti amaziga gange, bwenakaaba bw’enamuyita yali
ampulira. (I never knew that when I cried and called him, he was hearing
Ddala nze ani kati abayimbira, nze ani afuna eky’okurya.( For sure, who
am I singing before you, who am I getting something to eat.)
Maana (Mother)

3) Hehe thank you papa
Hehe thank you papa
Hehehe Asante saana (thank you so much)
Hehehe thank you papa
Hehehe thank you papa
Hehehe asante saana (thank you so much)
Maama nze ani(Mother who am I?)
Taata nze ani hihihi (Father who am i?)
Kantendeeeeh (Let me praise)


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