9 Big Red Relationship Flags to Look Out

You may not like some of your partner’s habits where the same can be said for your partner as well but you still learn to live with each other with a certain level of acceptance. However, when things go beyond the mutual understanding of the both, keeping the relationship alive can be hard. If you go to a therapist for sessions, there are several warning signs they notice that does not shed any light of hope.

1. Lack of Motivation to make it Last

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Relationships are complicated and if there is no motivation from at least one of the partners to keep it going, it is really hard to make it last. Many couples often themselves in situation where they don’t know where to go from the stage they are in because of so many external issues. Either way, the relationship won’t work.

Relationship should be filled with love, passion and understanding between each other. When that basic element of being a couple does not exist, what is the point of staying together?

2. Lack of Empathy

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When there is no identification with each other’s feelings, the relationship has reached the critical mass. The couple doesn’t seem to care for each other anymore and instead tend to find ways to make each other suffer. Such cruel relationship does not need any future.

3. You are losing interest

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You don’t talk to each other much; you don’t do any of the crazy and the fun stuff you used to do before. When all the glamour is gone from the relationship where not even one of the partners feel any sort of attachment to the other, the relationship won’t grow.

4. Someone has external commitments

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If one of the partners is more committed or involved with something else which can either be a romantic affair or perhaps caught up too much with work and does not devote enough time to the partner, the relationship is highly in trouble.

5. Big Emotions are not expressed

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It is mandatory to express each other’s feelings and emotions to make the relationship a healthy one. Even expressing anger is good for the relationship since one partner is letting the other know how he or she is feeling. If both the partners cut themselves off from expressing emotions, the relationship may not work.

6. Too Much Drama

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Many therapists suggest that if there is too much fights that often lead to violence, the couple has to live apart from each other. If the couple wants to make the relationship work, they have to learn to stop the drama or else say good bye to each forever.

7. Partners don’t touch anymore


The more the partners touch each other, the more connected and intimate the relationship is. If that mode of touching and caressing is not present in the relationship, there seems to be no love among each other anymore and so there is no future in the relationship.

8. Lack of Trust

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When one of the partners have cheated either financially or sexually, it is hard to get the trust back in the relationship. It actually requires a lot of work where the partner who made the deceit has to take the accountability of the action and the other partner has to be strong enough to bring back the trust.

9. Too much criticism and contempt

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You criticize each other too much and get engaged in the battle of ego even with the simplest of topics. When the sense of competition arises among partners where one wants to feel more superior to the other, the relationship is in danger.