7 Most Innovative Apps You Must Have On Your Phone

Mobiles have become a lot more than a device used only to make calls, its works as efficiently as a laptop or even a music player. Mobiles don’t obviously come along with all kinds of applications but there are so many applications you can download and make your phone twice as good as it was.

New kinds of applications are introduced every other day, some are very innovative while others fail to interest the customers. The kind of apps which click are the ones which help people in their day to day activities, the kinds which help people improve their lifestyles, making it easier if found on their phones. So to help you decide which ones to get, let’s have a look to find out what’s the most innovative app for the android users.

1 . Skype Real-time Language Translator

Image Credit: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/524669425314322057/

A new feature of Skype allows two people can speak in their own two different languages while the app translates everything for them to understand. Students from US and Mexico communicated and the language was changed from English to Spanish and vice versa in real time. Soon it will be able to translate 40 different languages and allow you to communicate in real time. Now you no longer have to worry about learning a different language if you have an important meeting, the app will do your work.

7 of these apps can help you in actual crisis, when you’re stuck and you need help, when you don’t understand a language or need to speak one, or if you have to wake up early or can’t find your phone. Your simple daily problems are solved with the help of these applications.

Those who use Androids should seriously consider having these apps on their phones to help themselves solve the day to day problems, why not make your life simpler when you can?

2 . Tasker

Image Credit: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/62276407319948862/

Tasker is an automation app, it automates everything on your phone. With the help of this app you can do the following:

  • You can turn off the internet at night when you go to bed
  • It can automatically send a message to whoever calls when you’re busy and tell them that you’re in an important meeting
  • The app will automatically turn on music when any handset is plugged in

This app will make your life so much simpler because there are so many times when you need to reply to an important person calling but your hands are tied, or when you don’t want to keep your internet on at night and wasting it. Tasker will help automate everything to your benefit.

3 . Clap to find

Can you recall the number of times your phone was on silent mode and you couldn’t find it? No need to waste your time anymore, the ‘clap to find’ app will find your phone, it will ring after a couple of claps and you’ll be able to find it. Some of the features of this app are:

  • Customizable ringtone and its volume
  • Customizable time for which the ringtone plays
  • Low battery usage
  • Widget for easy enabling/disabling
  • Sound/ Vibrate/ Flash alert modes
  • Auto adjust sensitivity based on Android device
  • Customizable sensitivity in addition to auto-adjust sensitivity

So instead of turning the world upside down to find your phone, all you have to do is clap your hands a couple of times, can’t get easier than this.

4 . Photomath

Image Credit: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/380976449703957650/

For those who hate mathematic, this app is your lifesaver, it solves math problems and shows step by step solution, and seeing the process can help you understand how the math was done. The app reads the question and then promises to solve the linear equations and any other math problems, all you have to do is point your phone camera at the math and let it scan through the problem. Now you don’t have to cry over your math homework thanks to photomath, your problem will be solved before you know it.

5 . SpinMe Alarm Clock

Image Credit: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/287526757435330929/

This app is for those who can’t wake up in the morning, for those who set multiple alarms in case they miss one. This clever app works in such a way that it makes sure you don’t go back to sleep. The alarm does not stop till you get up on your feet and keep spinning around physically. You can’t try to spin your phone while still in bed and pretend you’re up, the app is smarter than you think. You are never going to be late for anything anymore.

6 . Thief Tracker

A highly recommended app, it helps find out who took your phone! What the application does is that it takes a picture from the front camera of whoever tries to unlock your phone more than 3 times and fails. The picture is then sent to your email id making it easier for you to track your mobile and rescue it. The app does the following:

  • To reduce gprs and upload the picture faster it resizes it
  • It has a delete option in UI to help get rid of all the images stored in the server
  • The app also shows the location of the phone along with the picture
  • You can set the number of failure attempts before a picture is taken

This app is a must have if you fear that your phone might get stolen, now you can track and recover your phone even if it does get stolen.

7 . Word Lens

Image Credit: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/119978777547866971/

This is an app which translates languages through your phone camera. Suppose you’re visiting a country which speaks a completely different language, one you’re not aware of, imagine the pain of playing charades every time you need something. All that frustration of acting it out and feeling lost can be saved with the help of this app. You simply have to take a picture of the sign board or newspaper and the app will translate whatever’s written on it.