Asking a girl out can be a pretty intimidating experience, especially if you are planning to approach someone you have had a crush on for a long time. Most of the time, it seems like the longer you wait to ask a girl out, the more nerve-wracking it ends up being. Most of us fear being rejected – in some cases nearly as much as we fear death! There are ways to significantly boost your chances of hearing that coveted “yes,” when you do finally work up the nerve to approach her to ask for that first date. There are probably at least a million creative ways to ask a girl out, and hopefully, these suggestions will be a good starting point.


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This is a good one if you have been putting off asking her out for a while because you are too intimidated by the idea. Asking her out on her birthday gives you a deadline, and is a great opportunity to include a little gift with your offer. Lots of people tend to be in a good mood on their special day, and if you make hers even more special by bringing her a little something along with your proposition, you will probably increase your chances of getting that date.


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We all know that most girls love things that are romantic. What’s more romantic that writing her an original poem to ask her out? You’ll get extra bonus points if she happens to love poetry, and chances are pretty good that she’ll like it even if your poetry sucks because you made it up yourself, and you did it just for her.


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This may not go over too well if you don’t have a little musical talent, but you never know! Even if you have a lousy voice, you may be able to pull this off by putting a funny spin on it. At the very least, you should get a good laugh out of her, and many girls love funny guys who can make them laugh.


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This is definitely “old school,” but if she’s the traditional type that loves the tried-and-true approach to courtship, you might hit a home run with this one. Red roses are usually a good bet, but if you want to put the odds more in your favor, find out if she has a favorite flower and get a bouquet of those.


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This one might be just the one for you if you get weak in the knees just thinking about approaching her to ask her out. Who doesn’t have e-mail these days? Although you might get the answer you are looking for just by asking, you’ll better your chances by crafting some romantic prose or working some poetry into your message. Hit “Send” and hope that she doesn’t leave you hanging too long!


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How about this outside-the-box approach? Use good old “snail mail” to send her a nice letter. You’re much better off writing it out by hand and staying away from the computer and printer in this situation. Just as you can do with the e-mail, be sure to add a little romance to your letter by using some famous romantic quotes or by crafting some poetry to work in. It will certainly take a little longer for her to get it, but the extra effort you put into handwriting and mailing your letter might impress her.


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It really doesn’t take a whole lot of skill to put a website together these days. Numerous sites on the internet make it simple to put a site together easily with a drag-and-drop style interface and let you do it for free. Just because it is easy to do does not mean it has to be boring. Be as creative as you can and personalize it for her. Try including some pictures or artwork that shows her favorite animal, flower, or something else personal.


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If you are reasonably good at making stuff, you might try getting some really stiff cardboard, writing your question on it and then cutting it up into pieces that look like a puzzle. You could leave it somewhere for her to find or even mail it to her. Spending your time putting something like that together for her might strike the right romantic chord with her and get you that first date.


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This is a very creative idea, but first, you have to get her to go out to grab some lunch or dinner with you. If you are already friends, this probably won’t be a problem. There are places you can buy fortune cookies and with enough skill, you can replace the message inside one of them with your own. If you want to take it up a notch, you can even bake your own fortune cookies to slip your message into.


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This will work best if you happen to have a dog, cat, or some other pet that she really likes. Simply write your proposition on paper and attach it to your pet somehow and get your pet to go to her. She’s bound to be curious about a note that’s attached to your pet, and will probably not expect to be asked out that way.


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Getting your hands on a helium-filled balloon should not present too much of a challenge, but you’ll definitely want to put more thought into what you write on it. And old school balloon will be easier to write on, but if you prefer one of those shiny Mylar balloons, it should be easy to attach your message. Tie it to her car, mailbox, or any place where you know she’ll find it.