5 Things That Make Men Less Attractive

A lot of men have a totally wrong conception of good looks. When most men work hard to get the pumped muscle and six pack abs out, they forget the fact that attractiveness is a holistic package that does not always resemble the way you look. You may have a very good looking face, athletic body shape and nice personality in terms of the outfit you wear, but if some of your attitudes are not good enough, you may not be viewed as attractive by the opposite gender.

Here are 5 things men usually do that make them less attractive:

1. Having Lousy Attitude

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This is a big factor that takes away attractiveness points from men. It has something to do with the “halo effect” of having a cognitive bias towards everything around you. This implies to the fact that you don’t understand or respect the attention that has been provided to you by people. You have developed a certain negative bias on everything you experience in daily life. You interpretation of every situation is negative. Women generally like guys who are positive and carry a positive and outgoing vibe with him. For example, if you meet a woman and you are constantly engaged with the thought that that person may not like you can hamper your potential relationship since your lousy attitude would reflect that negative thinking that you are having. In other words, you are being insecure about yourself and not letting the other person enter that part of you that does not want to come out. This is a big issue that may be blocking you from having a relationship.

2. You have identity issues

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If you are too consumed by trying to look, sound and behave like someone else because you want to have the attention of all, it does not make you attractive. Women like original guys who understand their unique characteristics rather than imitating others to gain acceptance of the majority of people around him. Hooking up with someone for the relationship is not a popularity contest, it rather finding the right person who would love the unique personality that you are which distinct from everybody else. Being you is the key.

3. Playing Games

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If you want to show the attitude of being “hard to get” man too much, you are going to be in big trouble. Showing the attitude of “I don’t care” certainly does not help the relationship no matter how good you look. Basically, you are too engaged in the power struggle battle rather than truly connecting with the person you like. Such games demonstrated the fact that you are not looking for someone to bond with but to control. In this regard, if you are not showing enough respect and attention to the other person, you are never going to have a good relationship with the woman you like. Then, what is the point of being good looking?

4. You Smell Bad

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Guys who are well conscious about personal hygiene are well attractive to the ladies and the ones that are not are less attractive. Simple matters like showering every day and putting on a deodorant when meeting someone (especially a potential date) is mark of a man who socially intelligent and well aware of how to keep the other person comfortable around him. If a guy does not know that basic demeanor, he will have no success with women, no matter how good he looks on the surface.

5. Being Passive

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One of the most attractiveness killing thing about men is being passive. If you are someone who is sitting there and doing nothing to complain about everything around, you are certainly being regarded as someone who is not attractive. You have to be able to express your feelings and if you like someone, go there and do something about it rather than sitting down, doing nothing and being sad about the fact that how it did not happen. The fault is yours and you have to take the responsibility. Attractive men are responsible people.