3 Reasons You Should Pee in the Shower

There are two kinds of people- those who pee in the shower and those who scream in horror at the very thought of it. As crazy as it sounds, peeing in the shower can actually have certain benefits so next time you go in the shower you don’t need to feel guilty or rebellious about it. Here are three major benefits of peeing in the shower.

1. It is more hygienic

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While this might sound crazy, peeing in the shower can actually be cleaner than using the loo. Health officials admit that using water works way better than using plain toilet paper. Also, certain celebrities such as Madonna claim that peeing in the shower can cure fungal infections like Athlete’s Foot. Also, no one can deny that peeing in the shower is simple and convenient.

2. It is environment-friendly

An average person can use more than 50 litres of water in terms of flushing after they pee. This means in just one year, the average person uses around 15,330 liters (4,050 gallons) of toilet water. And if you extend these figures for the population of the USA, it means that people flush away roughly 5 trillion litres of water every year. And if you apply this to other countries in the world? The numbers of astronomical and in the light of all the droughts and water shortages, it is an outrageous waste. However, peeing in the shower would reduce this number dramatically. This means that in just one year, you would save up to 2,190 liters (579 gallons) of toilet water. Extrapolating this to the entire US population, that’s 699 billion liters (185 billion gallons) of water saved. In the long run, this can make a massive difference to the world and the environment.

3. It is economical

If you want to cut down your water bill, then you might want to try peeing in the shower. Every time you flush your toilet, you use up around 10 litres of water. While that may not sound much, it is actually a lot of water in the long run as it can add up to hundreds of litres in a month. So instead, pee in the shower as it uses up less water. This, in turn, means smaller utility bills. Your bank balance and sewage system will thank you for it.