10 Signs He’s Become Terrible and You Need To Dump Him

A relationship is not only about the love between two people, it’s also about friendship, support and how they make each other feel. Nobody is perfect but you need to be with someone whose behavior is perfect for you. If you are currently with someone who does not bring out the best in you, there will be some telltale signs to let you know when it is the best time to leave him.

1. He Doesn’t Make You Laugh Anymore

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You don’t seem to have fun anymore, or feel like smiling at the little jokes he makes and the lame acts that he used to do just seems lame and not cute anymore. Having a good time together is a necessity, not an option. If it’s not working out it needs to be over with.

2. He doesn’t Respect You

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Respect is the building stone of any relationship where both people respect the other, their wishes, their feelings, etc. If he does not show you the respect that you show him it is better to send him off and look for the right one who will give you the respect you deserve.

3. You Can’t Count On Him

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During any stressful situation in your life like a bad day at work, fight with your friends, misunderstanding within family, you might want to know that after all you have him where you can get comfort and support. However if he doesn’t make you feel that way and you can’t count on him to be there whenever you need him then he is not the one.

4. You Are Not Yourself

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If you think you are a total different person in front of him, cannot talk about your feelings and thoughts and you are suppressing more than you are letting out then it might be a good idea to walk away.  If you find yourself to be miserable than happy most of times then this person is not appreciating you and treating you properly.

5. He Is Addicted

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Addiction does not necessarily have to be on drugs or alcohol. He could be addicted on porn, gambling, pot, pills, etc. If he cannot control his own addictions and temptations, he will not likely be able to take care of you.

6. He Never Introduces You To His Friends

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All guys usually tend to brag and show off their girlfriend to their other male friends. If your man is not introducing you to his friends it might be because either he is not serious about you or he does something with his friends that you will never approve of. Thus, he cannot be trusted and you should reconsider the relationship.

7. He is Very Rude

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Basic courtesy and politeness is a mandatory attribute in the man you are dating. If he does not have the basic knowledge of how to behave with you or outsider and tends to lose his temper for the silliest reasons, he might not be the one. It won’t be long before he starts treating you worse because of his short temper.

8. He Is Always Annoyed

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He is always whining about every tiny little detail and most of them are about you like your hair, your outfit, your cooking. Criticism is acceptable to some extent but not all the time. You need to be with someone who lifts you up not put you down all the time.

9. He Never Arranges A Date

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It is important that he craves your presence as much as you crave his. If it seems like you are always the one making an effort to go out and arranging everything, it may be because he is not that into you. If he does not seek your company he might not be worth your valuable time.

10. You Have Nothing In Common

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This is not that serious of an issue as there are lots of couples that have individual hobbies and interests and they still live happily together. However, it is essential that you have at least a few things in common that you can share together and keep the spark alive.