How to Supercharge your iPhone in 5 Minutes

Were you ever caught up in a situation where your iPhone battery was running low and you only had a few minutes to charge it? This article shows you how to supercharge your iPhone in just 5 minutes. It might sound unbelievable, but it really isn’t. Here’s what you should do:

1. Step 4 – Use an iPad wall charger

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Make sure you always use manufacturer approved chargers when charging your device. If you want to supercharge your iPhone, use the iPad wall charger instead of your regular charger. The larger adapter charged an iPhone 6 Plus 40% faster than a smaller one when put to the test. This is because it is capable of delivering a greater number of amps (or electricity per second) when compared to your usual chargers. For example, a computer USB port delivers just 0.5 amps and an iPhone charger delivers 1.0 amps. On the other hand, an iPad charger delivers 2.1 amps. This makes a huge difference if you want to charge your device quickly.

2. Step 3 – Leave your phone alone while you charge it

This might sound obvious, but once you put your iPhone at charge, don’t use it. Turning on the display will use up more battery power and slow down the charge. While using your phone while charging won’t damage the battery, it will definitely take you longer to charge it. If you do this, your phone will charge twice as much in the same time period.

3. Step 2 – Switch to airplane mode

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This simple step can make all the difference when you want to charge your phone quickly. Doing so stops all the activity that usually drains your battery such as searching for a Wi-Fi signal, receiving push notifications or connecting to Bluetooth devices. In fact, switching to airplane mode can cut the charging time down to half.

4. Step 1 – Keep your phone cool

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Batteries don’t do well in heat. Always keep your phone away from extreme temperatures. To do so, you can remove the phone’s case when charging your device. This is because your case can be generating heat while the phone charges which can slow down the rate at which it charges.