8 Reasons Why You Should Be Doing Squats All The Time

Did you know that squats are one of the simplest and best exercises to perform for maximum positive results in your overall fitness? No wonder it is such a popular choice amongst exercisers. After warming up and taking your position, simply bend your knees, hips and ankles until you reach a right angle. Repeat this from the start for 15 – 20 times, 3 times a week at least, for amazing results. Unfortunately, some still do not appreciate this killer move as much as it should be. To convince them (and also for the ‘doers’), here’s a look at eight of the best reasons for performing squats.

1. Bye Bye Constipation

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One of the most surprising and lesser-known benefits of squatting is that it greatly aids in faster and effective removal of body waste. To start off, they heighten the pumping rate of body juices to important tissues and organs and help them get enough nutrition. Additionally, squatting promotes the movement of waste along the large intestine, which in turn reduces constipation and even, bloating. Hence, the motto here is, “Squat Regular to Get Regular!”

So, to the ‘squatters’ out there: a big thumbs-up to you all. To those who have started to think of squatting: you are on the right track to better fitness. Squatting has so many benefits that don’t be surprised if performing squats turns out to be the best fitness decision you’ve taken in your life.

2. Squat Harder, Look Better, Feel Healthier

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The benefits of squats are endless. Want to amaze your audience by going backless or flaunting a tight mini dress? Then, squatting is the way to go. Arms, legs, abs, back and definitely, your butt will be greatly toned if you squat regularly. Plus, you get to reap the health benefits like lower chances of obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases throughout your life. Unbelievable, huh?

3. Jump Higher, Run Faster

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If you are an athlete and want to greatly improve on your running and/or jumping capabilities squatting regularly helps out immensely. Squats are usually, already incorporated in an athlete’s training regime. This move already has proven to help improve many athletes’ careers.

4. More Squats Equals Less Injury

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How so you ask? Well, squatting makes your muscles, bones and even ligaments stronger and in turn less prone to injuries. Also, even if you are struck down by an injury and you are a ‘squatter,’ recovery/healing time is greatly reduced due to your improved range of motion. So, squat away, to help prevent uncertainties (such as injuries) from entering your life and putting you out of commission for a long time.

5. Perform Squats, Live Longer

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Dreaming of independence in mobility and balance in later life? Then, you better start squatting as soon as possible. Squatting helps build muscle mass and improves balance, which in turn ensures fitter old-age body and less falling and fracturing bones, respectively. Thinking of fitness in old age early is a great way to ensure it and squatting regularly is one of the best ways to have a fit body even in your 70s or 80s.

6. Burn Fat Like Crazy

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Fact: If you gain 10 pounds of muscle the calorie burn-off increases by hundreds! Squats help you build the required muscles more effectively and quickly and thus, work as an efficient fat annihilator. Incorporating squats into your exercise as a beginner will also help you stave off an average of 60 calories per day.

7. Perform Activities Easier

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Real-life activities that make you exhausted now will become easier to perform after continuously squatting for a few weeks. This is a great indication of your increasing fitness. Squats require no equipment which makes them a more natural option to achieve a fitter body. In addition to this, your balance and stability will go up and ordinary movement and mobility will seem less difficult than before.

8. Muscles, Muscles Everywhere

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Yes, you heard that right. Squats are not only great for an amazing booty, but also build muscles in leg areas like calves, hamstrings and quadriceps. The anabolic environment and growth hormones needed for muscle build-up is highly stimulated when you perform squats and so, you see noticeable results quite quickly. It also helps improve overall bodily functions.