We’ve all heard the age old phrase ‘beer belly’ before, but enjoying alcohol doesn’t always have to come with scale increasing consequences. From shots, liqueurs, lagers, stouts and spirits, drinking can be something you enjoy as part of a healthy lifestyle. In moderation you’ll be able to enjoy a night on the town or an unwinding evening at home without having to worry about your health, as we count down the healthiest alcohol to drink.



Whether you’re a Merlot, Zinfandel or Cabernet sauvignon, red wine has long been purported to have an abundance of health benefits – in moderation of course. Made from the freshest red grapes, varieties of red wine have been studied over the years and found to be beneficial to the drinkers health, including assisting with depression and preventing colon and breast cancer. It has anti-ageing properties and is also found to hinder the development of dementia! So the next time you pop open a cork on your favourite bottle of red, don’t feel too bad that you’re the only one drinking it.



Let’s not get bogged down with what is and isn’t ‘real’ champagne, but apparently this sparkling wine offers it’s drinkers a beverage with few calories, enabling you to raise more than just one glass in celebration! With around 175 calories per glass of regular champagne you can’t go wrong when celebrating or toasting a wedding, and why not be even healthier with a Brut Champagne which comes in at less than 125 calories per glass, allowing for extra wiggle room for those health conscious amongst us.



Flathead? Philips? Hex? No don’t worry, I don’t want you to put together my Ikea furniture, I’m talking about the highball mixed drink of vodka and orange. With absolutely NO fat and just over 70 calories per bar serving, vodka can be considered quite a good alcoholic drink for the health conscious amongst us. Coupled with freshly squeezed orange juice, rich in vitamin C and with its ability to reduce cholesterol levels a screwdriver should never be too far away from your alcohol toolbox.



No, not the late Tudor Queen of England, the classic tomato based cocktail invented sometime in the 1920’s. With a base made mainly of tomato juice, packed full of vitamins and nutrients, and even called a super food, with some studies suggesting tomatoes decrease the risk of obesity and some cancers, you can feel confident of your choice of cocktail when you sit down at the bar. Why not ask for a stick of celery to accompany your Bloody Mary, for extra vitamins and potassium!



Probably the most famous stout in the world, being served in over 120 countries with around 1.5 billion pints pulled each year. Guinness is also a relatively healthier alternative to some alcoholic drinks. The National Health Service advise that a healthy calorie intake for men is 2,500 calories and for women it’s slightly lower at 2,000 calories. A pint of Guinness sets you back only 10% of your daily intake per pint meaning you can enjoy this creamy Irish brew without having to count your calories.