5 Mystical Places That Science Can’t Explain

We are currently living in the 21st century where anything and everything can be explained by using science. We no longer have to bust our heads and fear that a super power is at play when we cannot understand something. We leave it up to the scientists and soon enough we get an explanation for that. Well, not all the things can be explained using science. Yes, even in the 21st century there are certain things that science can’t explain. In fact, there are certain places in this earth where mystical things tend to happen. These places contain something which remains unexplained even today. Listed below are such 5 places.

1. The Devils Kettle In Minnesota

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There is a river in Minnesota called the Brule River. This river flow splits along a rock crop. One-half of the river continues on flowing to the Lake Superior, but the other half remains a mystery. They enter through a rock hole and seemingly vanishes. The assumptions made for the other half is that this water flow enters a web of underground caves and travels through a lot of channels before eventually joining the river. The theory hasn’t been proved yet because there have been no proofs. Scientists have experiment with this water flow by using dye to see which part of the lake ends up with colored water. They even tried putting ping pong balls in the water to see if it comes up from somewhere. So far, the results have been quite futile giving the rise to the name Devils Kettle.

2. The Taos Hum

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If you are one of those people who can pick up humming noise of the TV and electrical wires then you know how annoying that can be. The residents of Taos, Mexico have reported to hearing such humming noise all day every day. This has been going on since the 1990s and the humming noise carries on ceaselessly. The residents have reached the point of madness due to this sound. The local government has failed to find a source for such noise even till today. The only logical theory is that the people have super hearing ability and that is why they are able to pick up such noises. Seems like the people are the ones with mystical powers instead of the town.

3. The Fairy Circle Of Namibia

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This is a field of grass with patches where nothing will grow. The patches are circular and evenly shaped all throughout. They have a diameter of 10-65 feet. These circles never overlap with each other and always seem to be evenly spaced out, sometimes spreading thousands of miles. One theory to explain this freak thing was that these circles were created by termites. However, that theory was soon discredited when put to the test. Other attempted explanations have ranged from radiation to fungus to poisonous gas to ostriches compulsively grinding their asses in the dirt. None seems to make sense.

4. The Sleep Epidemic Of Kazakhstan

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There is a town in Kazakhstan called Kalachi where there have been reports of people dropping unconscious without any real reason. This has been going on for hundreds of years. The situation is so severe that the government had to evacuate the entire town. The leading explanation for such a phenomenon is that people are being affected by the radiation of the uranium mine nearby. However, the theory is weak considering the fact that the neighboring town does not have the same problem, even though it is located closer to the mine. The blood results of the people who fell unconscious have come back clean, showing no signs of radiation. This situation is indeed a freak of nature.

5. The Hessdalen Lights

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For decades now the people of Hessdalen Valley, Norway have been witnessing this magical lights across their night sky. This light happens to appear in their sky, dance around in patterns and sometimes even flash in different colors. This has been witnessed by a lot of people over the years and none could confirm what it was. One explanation given by the people is that the area is radioactive. The radiation is carried by dust particles and explodes upon reaching the atmosphere. Another theory that has come up is that the entire valley maybe a giant battery. It is an established fact that one of the valleys is rich in copper while the other valley contains zinc in abundance, two components found in a battery. All they need is some sort of acidic connection to light up. The river at the base of the valley contains sulfuric acid which might be the acidic source.