Whether or not someone believes in God depends upon many things. In some cases, people are brought up in religious environments that are so oppressive, they are practically brainwashed into believing. In other cases, the opposite is the case, and people are raised believing that there is no God. Eventually, everyone will come to their own conclusions regarding the existence of God, even if they do not openly share their opinion for fear of being ridiculed, shunned, or worse. It may be safe to assume that more people believe in God than not, and here are some of the reasons that may compel them to do so.



Image Source: Alessandro Alba

Image Source: Alessandro Alba

Human beings love to figure things out, and there’s no question that advancements in science are impressive. However, is it not more reasonable to believe that we, and everything around us was created and didn’t just “pop” into existence one day from nothing as a result of something some scientists call the “Big Bang?” Surely, believing in God is as reasonable as believing in the “Big Bang.”



Image Source: Bluedharma

Image Source: Bluedharma

It seems unlikely that the existence of our planet was some kind of fortunate accident. The earth has the ideal environment and everything else that we, and the other creatures that inhabit this planet need to survive. Intelligent design seems far more likely than things just happening randomly.



Image Source: Simon Harrod

Image Source: Simon Harrod

As we all know, and as scientists are always quick to point out when the topic of life on other planets is concerned, there is no life without water. Beyond the fact that we, as human beings, are to a large degree, made of water, there are still new discoveries being made about this incredible building block of life. Considering only how water is distributed around our world just as we and all other life forms require it suggests that its existence and behavior is no accident.



Image Source: Allan Ajifo

Image Source: Allan Ajifo

Consider for a moment the complexity of the human brain, or even that of a small animal. Although advances in artificial intelligence have been impressive, the complexity of the brain is unmatched and is likely to remain so long into the future. Are we to believe that the brain just “evolved” itself into existence? If anything says intelligent design, it’s the brain.

#5 DNA


Image Source: Spanish Flea

Image Source: Spanish Flea

The more we understand the nature of life, the more amazing and complex we realize it is. Every cell in our bodies, and in every other living thing on the planet is controlled by a kind of programming code that we call DNA. Did this incredibly complex system of codes simply invent itself? Does computer code invent itself without human intervention? If it did, we wouldn’t need programmers.



Image Source: Wonderlane

Image Source: Wonderlane

It’s been well-established and acknowledged even by scientists that The Bible is an ancient text. What makes it so convincing is the numerous prophesies that were laid out in The Bible that have come true, and that more of them are taking shape on a continuing basis. There are also the discoveries that have been made by modern day researchers that have validated historic accounts from The Bible, such as the discovery of the remains of what appears to be Noah’s Ark.



Image Source: Bryan Wright

Image Source: Bryan Wright

Going beyond the idea that we, and everything else on this planet simply “evolved,” and how unlikely it is just based on how incredibly diverse life on earth is, and how orderly the entire universe is, the theory of evolution has huge holes in it, otherwise known as “missing links.” These links are missing for a good reason, and are unlikely to ever be found because they probably do not exist.



Image Source: sarah faulwetter

Image Source: sarah faulwetter

Psychics, mediums, shamans, demons and angels – surely there are supernatural phenomena that there are perfectly valid scientific explanations for, but what about those for which no explanation can be offered? They may be few and far between, but genuine extraordinary or paranormal experiences have occurred, and strongly suggest there is much more to our existence than what we can perceive here in what might be called the “real world.”



Image Source: Giacomo Carena

Image Source: Giacomo Carena

This is one of the most profound mysteries of life, and one that science is still struggling to come to grips with. What is consciousness and where did it come from? There are numerous theories that have been put forth by some of the most brilliant minds in science, but no real conclusion has been reached. It’s one of the most baffling aspects of existence, and one that evolutionists and atheists are unable to explain.