It’s something that probably crosses everyone’s mind at least once during the start of a new relationship. Is that seemingly wonderful new person I may be falling for a psycho? A genuine psychopath is often quite capable of acting like the most normal person in the world when it suits their purposes, and it is possible that a new love interest could be hiding a lot of very dark secrets.

Whether or not you are truly dating a psychopath will surely become obvious at some point, that’s for sure, and in this case, it is a whole lot better to find out sooner rather than later. Psychos can be very dangerous to everyone around them, so be on the lookout for the following signs that could be an indication that your new significant other is hiding a lot more from you than you would expect.


Since psychopaths normally view themselves as being better than everyone else, it is not surprising to learn that they have a tendency to be very arrogant. They will often show little regard for the opinions of others and try to show everyone that they always have the right answers. Some experts believe that this behavior may be due, in part, to their upbringing, when they had to make sense of being mistreated and came to believe that their main priority on life should be to look out for their own interests. They are famous for demonstrating a desire to talk endlessly about their own accomplishments while having little or no patience to listen to others talk about theirs.


One steady hallmark of the psychopath’s behavior is the strong desire to manipulate and control others. A psycho always has a master plan in mind and will often go to extremes to make it happen. Be on the lookout for high-pressure manipulation practices, such as using strong influence by saying things like, “If you truly love me you will do it.” That is often the kind of thing someone who truly loves someone else would never say.


Psychos are not known for being the most responsible people in the world. They often believe they have far more important and self-serving activities to be engaged in and will have no problem shirking important responsibilities and letting others pick up the pieces. In the beginning, a psychopath may go out of his or her way to act in a responsible way but it’s an act they usually cannot keep up for long, and their true nature reveals itself when you start noticing things falling through the cracks. They may neglect things like paying bills, getting to work on time or keeping appointments.


One of the reasons psychopaths are so dangerous is that they usually do not have empathy for others. While most of us feel bad about even thinking about doing something awful to another human being, psychos do not have that standing in their way, making it much easier for them to do all kinds of unspeakable harm to others. This may also make them inclined to place the blame for relationship problems on their partner and refuse to admit any wrongdoing.


The early days and weeks of a new relationship are usually filled with passion and a showering of affection on one another, but with a true psychopath, that is all just an act crafted to keep the relationship moving forward. Psychopaths truly care for nobody but themselves and others are just pawns for them to use in order to further their own goals and ambitions. This may become evident in the face of relationship troubles, which a psycho may be reluctant to address or discuss because they are truly not invested in the relationship and have no genuine feelings that would motivate a normal person to want to work things out.


Psychopaths are concerned only about themselves and therefore do not have any trouble disregarding rules or breaking laws because to them, those were meant for other people. A common potential downfall for a psycho is that they will often see themselves as smarter than everyone else, and as a result, they believe the authorities will be too stupid to catch them and punish them for their wrongdoing.


Psychopaths are quite likely to have multiple sexual relationships going on at the same time because they truly do not care for other people and do not form meaningful, loving relationships. The need for sexual fulfillment combined with a lack of real attachment to anyone keeps them cycling between relationships with a distinct preference for quantity over quality.


Telling lies is the psychopath’s bread and butter. It’s the basis for how they conduct their affairs and it is one thing they never seem able to stop doing. A little lying here and there can make its way into almost any relationship and discover a few untruths does not necessarily mean you are dating a psycho. Be alert for a pattern of serious, frequent and often blatant lies that make little sense to anyone other than a true psychopath. Remember, they see themselves as smarter than everyone else and that often sets them up to be caught in their own web of lies.


As charming and charismatic as many psychos appear to be on the surface, their true nature can often be revealed by their tendency to behave in an egotistical or even narcissistic personality. They are likely to dominate group conversations and show little regard for the participation of others. It’s often “all about them” when you are dealing with a true psychopath. They also might surprise you with their willingness to speak their mind and say things that others would not dream of saying


While it’s not uncommon for things to move pretty rapidly at the start of a brand-new relationship, the speed with which things progress when you are dating a psychopath may be a bit shocking. Intensity will likely be on its maximum setting in this situation and could result in unusual and unexpected events. For example, psychos are often so anxious for a relationship to progress that they will do things such as buying expensive gifts without any real regard for whether they can actually afford them. Sometimes psychopaths can seem a little “too nice.”


A psychopath may have a genuine need to have a lot more going on in their life than a normal person. They may crave excitement and risky activities and that may be because they do not feel normal unless they are constantly being stimulated by exciting experiences and risky behavior. They may be doing all that just to keep themselves feeling like they are really living a life that’s worthy of living and anything else isn’t much better than being dead.