Openxus Media Tour For Artists And Audience (Get In Here)


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OpenXus media tour is a platform where you get to witness your favorite upcoming artist talk live on our social media platform about themselves and their achievements, get even closer to them as OpenXus media Tour gives upcoming artistes the chance to air thier voice to thousands of listeners out their.

With our unique style and audience, Every week a selected artist will be welcomed into our live podcast where he/she get to tell us about their musical career and their favourite songs.

Why should you Perticipate in OpenXus Media Tour?
We can help you achieve your target as an upcoming artiste, through Openxus Media Tour is a way of connecting both Artistes and fans together.
The radio tour is a platform where we get to ask you few questions about your musical career and you get in touch with live interactive session with your fans on our platform.

Should you stay tuned to OpenXus Media Tour as a fan?
You will be given the chance to be one of the lucky persons to throw in some question of your own which you’ve long had about you favorite artiste, and who knows you might be lucky enough to be in the live tour with them.

How can you Join or Listen to OpenXus Media Tour?
To witness the tour, follow us on all social media platform as we will be dropping weekly a media tour that just might be your choice of selected artiste.
Don’t forget to turn on your notification on all social media to get weekly updates of newly dropped tour.
Follow us on;
WhatsApp: 09067978829. Save as Open-Xus
Facebook: @Openxus
Instagram: @openxus
Twitter: @openxus
Stay tuned as we are set to drop our first tour 25th Jan, 2021.

The Media tour is proudly sponsored by 9jaflaver and other top music blogs in Nigeria.

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