BRODASHAGGI curses NIGERIA SENATOR #endSARS #endPoliceBrutality #endbadGovernmentInNigeria – Download here


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  1. Listen to fela kutis sorrow, blood and tears, the nigerian politicians arm the police with Ak-47s to implement fear into the Nigerian citizens hence creating fear and authority, WE MUST BE READY TO DIE FOR THIS CHANGE! FORGET HOUSE, FORGET CAR, FORGET CHILD

  2. Great message for the wise. God will punish those people taking money from the politicians to disrupt this peaceful protest of restoration. I pray that God will have mercy on Nigeria and renew it so Africa will be great again. How can a rich country with great petroleum seeking for loans abroad?. Like here if you support.

  3. Lolzz this is the best video hav seen of you and so shall it be that God will really punish all the evil politicians in nigeria … electricity no good roads no security no food for the poor education is at zero point all our leaders do is continous stealing of public funds …..this is the end..

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