What went down at Trump, Biden town hall meetings


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The Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump, and his Democratic opponent, Joe Biden, were again presented with an avenue to curry the support of electorates at nationally televised town hall events.

The events, held simultaneously on Thursday night, exactly 19 days before the November 2020 presidential election, was in place of the duo’s cancelled debate.

While Mr Trump’s town meeting was held in Miami, Mr Biden’s town hall event was held in Philadelphia.

PREMIUM TIMES, one of select media outfits shortlisted to monitor the U.S 2020 electioneering, watched the duo’s responses to the array of concerns raised at the separate but simultaneous events.

Some of those concerns include the growing reach of deadly coronavirus, which has killed no less than 200,000 Americans as millions have tested positive to the virus.

The Democratc party presidential candidate, Mr Biden, again lashed out at Mr Trump for not taking the pandemic as serious as a concerned president should.

“He missed enormous opportunities and kept saying things that weren’t true,” Mr Biden said during the meeting aired on ABC network while Mr Trump, speaking on the same subject on NBC, assured Americans that “vaccines are coming soon and our economy is strong.”

Despite his emphasis on his “outstanding performance” in office in the last three years, the republican presidential candidate at the time of filing this report was not doing considerably well in both national and battleground polls when compared to his closest rival, Mr Biden.

Immigration, tax, transgender, others

Some of the other issues raised by the moderators at the simultaneous events included the policy on immigration, one of the strong jokers many argued landed Mr Trump his 2016 election victory.

However, at the just concluded town hall meeting, he clearly avoided extensive discussion on an immigration bill, one of the things he promised earlier in his campaign.

In late June, Mr Trump signed an executive order limiting immigration into the U.S for the rest of 2020, a move he tied to the need to protect 525,000 jobs for Americans and cushion the impact of the pandemic on the country’s economy.

Mr Biden had also promised to reverse the order if elected.

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Also, while the incumbent president’s stance against LGBTQ privileges has been registered, Mr Biden renewed his commitment to ensure “zero discrimination” against them.

He admitted at the meeting that “too many transgender women of colour are being murdered,” one of the criticisms against the incumbent president.

On tax regulation, Mr Trump said he has “given you (Americans) the greatest tax cut in the history of our country” and spoke on his tax evasion. He also admitted to owing about $400 million to creditors. Mr Biden, on the other hand, promised to cut taxes if elected.

Other concerns brought up at the event – though not equally discussed – include Obamacare, black voters stake in the country, and foreign policy.

Mr Trump insisted on replacing the affordable healthcare scheme, claiming the scheme was an individual mandate which should be replaced.

“If you look, we had both houses and what did we do? We got rid of the individual mandate,” he answered the event moderator.


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